About Us

National Energy Exchange (NEX) was organized in 2011 to provide reliable sources of fossil fuels and other related products and services to the market. The founder, Albert LaBlance, a Native American Indian, continues to be profoundly dedicated to developing and continuously improving a cutting edge, minority company that provides outstanding products and services and establishes a unique market niche for NEX in the marketplace.

NEX is laser focused on the development, production, distribution and sale of petroleum, petroleum related products, and alternative energy products and services, including, but not limited to, petroleum, natural gas, and biomass materials.


Company Vision and Mission

Our Vision for the company is to become the Supplier of Choice for all of the products and services in our portfolio. NEX will enhance shareholder value over time and provide economic opportunity for other minority enterpriseds and employment opportunities for the communitiy at large.

Our Mission is to develop a market niche unique to NEX that provides an unmatched, competitive advantage for NEX, its customers, and its strategic partners.


Strategic Objectives

  • Outstanding customer Service
  • Cost Competitiveness Leadership
  • World Class Time to Market (Lead-Time)
  • Unrivaled Brand Image
    – Supplier of Choice
    – Strategice Partner of Choice
    – Corporate Citizen of Choice
    – Employer of Choice